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Clothes for Christmas: A Poem

December 24, 2012

Clothes for Christmas

Cowering in sinful shame, with fig leaves for their dress

Adam and Eve hid from God, afraid and in distress.

Foreshadowing the coming Christ, God gave the rebel foes

Skins for their nakedness; He covered them with … Christmas clothes.


Murder and adultery, these sins weighed heavy on him.

“Against thee only have I sinned!” and God’s mercy was giv’n.

King David rejoiced and wrote a psalm: “Blessings be on those

Whose sinful ways are forgiven,” covered in … Christmas clothes.


The High Priest stood before the LORD, steeped in grievous sin,

And Satan demanded swift justice should fall harshly on him.

But the LORD said “Is he not a brand that from the fire I chose?”

Remove his filthy garments, and cover him with … Christmas clothes.


Squandered! I’ve been a foolish sinner, wallowing in mire.

I’m heading home to face my father, hoping he will hire.

Bring my ring! Bring my robe! Greater joy only heaven knows,

My son was dead, but now alive! Cover him with … Christmas clothes.


Isaiah the prophet spoke long ago to those in dark of sin,

A light would shine, a child would come, to us a Son be giv’n.

With garments of salvation, and bringing glorious robes

Of righteousness He will supply His people … Christmas clothes.


The infant King made his bed amongst the feed and hay.

Immanuel, God with us, He shared our low estate.

He bore the stench of sin, and shared our earthly woes

Humbly and willingly, Christ laid aside His … Christmas clothes.


Still we struggle with our sin, forgiven though we be,

Longing to be clothed one day with promised future glory.

The advent of our Savior nears, and our heavenly repose

But until then let us daily put on our … Christmas clothes.


Holiday anticipation grips us all, amidst the din and noise,

Standing by the Christmas tree, surrounded by earthly toys.

A greater gift we’ll never get, surely no one could suppose;

The righteousness of Christ is ours, He gave us … Christmas clothes.


(Gen 3:21, Ps 32:1, Zech 3:4, Lk 15:22, Is 61:10, 2 Co 5:21, Rom 13:14, Rom 3:22)


Jesus, thy blood and righteousness, my beauty are, my glorious dress…

Fully absolved through Him I am, from sin and fear, from guilt and shame – (Zinzendorf)

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  1. Cathy permalink
    December 25, 2012 1:31 am

    In my debating with RC Apologist, I feel they do not have the “Righteousness of Christ” credited or imputed to them! It amazes me how their theology mindset believes that Grace is administered through the Mother Church, as Sacramental Grace. It is very sad to think, they do not think Grace is a free gift, given by Christ Alone!
    So How can they ever wear the “Christmas Clothes?”

    • December 25, 2012 9:54 am

      Merry Christmas, Cathy!

      Yes, it is sad when we consider loved ones who are not yet wearing “Christmas Clothes.” I think it helps to meditate on the fact that Christ came to cloth you and me, stubborn willful sinners, and He can just as easily come to clothe our loved ones.

      Like Adam and Eve, most people clothe themselves by sewing together fig leaves of their own making. The largest fig leaf is their own good works. Catholicism has many fig leaves. Sacramental graces that work ex opere operata are fig leaves. Baptismal regeneration is a figment of human imagination. Sacramentals such as scapulars. Prayers to Mary and the Saints. Relics. Holy Days. Celibacy. No meat on Fridays. Indulgences. Purgatory. Mass cards. All fig leaves that give Catholics a false sense of security and covering. All hide Christ from the folks.

      The imputation of Christ’s righteousness is the very heart of the gospel. It is at this point that Satan aims his attacks.

  2. December 25, 2012 2:22 pm

    Lovely. Another good analogy :). And thanks for “following” my blog. I will reciprocate and sign up for your newsletter.

    • Cathy permalink
      December 26, 2012 12:07 am

      Your comparison to “Catholic Works” to Fig Leaves is Spot On!
      These “Covers” replace the Truth of God’s Grace! The Substitution actually hinders their Salvation and Walk With Christ! The RC does NOT see Christ “Perfection”….they love to use they are ” Co-Worker’s of God” to make their Work vital!
      How do you explain Works/Faith in James Gospel….this is their major argument against Justification by Faith Alone?

      Glad you and Dale have joined each others forums!
      We NEED more ExCatholics joining, for conversation!
      Many of us are ALONE, with our families remaining Roman Catholic, while we are ” Born Again!”
      My 20 and 25 year old daughters told me over the Christmas Holiday, that my husband thinks (I went crazy) when I focused my attention to the Bible. He is a hopeless RC and thinks a “Crusader” is admirable!
      If you guys have some tips on living with Unsaved people…let me know!
      Ex Dominican Priest, Richard Bennett, tells me to pray and not discuss anything “Spiritual” with him…….but my girls, I am working on, even though they were RC educated from K-College!

      Well Happy New Year…used to be a holiday honoring the Circumcision of Christ, now it is a Feast for Mary!

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