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Ecumenical Mathematicians

December 29, 2012

Mathematicians and Numerologists Together: The Gift of Numbers

We, Mathematicians and Numerologists, have noticed that there is a growing cooperation between “one” and “two.” There are many activities where “one” and “two” are found working together. Of course, there are equations. Lately, however, we have noticed that both “one” and “two” have been seen in many lists. We have been greatly encouraged by this ongoing development. Through reflection on Algebra and Number Theory, and aided by the great mathematical minds of history, we can bear witness to the importance of both “one” and “two.”

In 1994, we released “Mathematicians and Numerologists Together.” At the time, there was much controversy concerning our claim that “one” is as good as “two” and that “two” is as good as “one.” It was determined that future conversations would be helpful to address outstanding questions related to the equivalence of “one” and “two.” Thus, in the Fall of 1996, it was determined that further progress depended upon firm agreement on the nature of numbers. As a result of many meetings, we have prepared a second document “The Gift of Numbers.” We express our gratitude to the President of the Council for Promoting Numerical Unity for his active support in this process.

In this second document, we hope to show that “one” in fact equals “two.” Both sides agree that, because of our finite minds, we have difficulty understanding how “one” equals “two.” And, we may not fully understand it this side of infinity. Still, we are called to promote this great truth together. We must not let our witness as lovers of numbers to be compromised by needlessly divisive disputes about numerical differences. The effectiveness of our witness to Science depends upon the work of promoting the equivalence of “one” and “two.”

There is much upon which we already agree:

  • We affirm together the binding authority of the laws of Mathematics
  • We affirm that “two” is made up of “one” twice
  • We affirm that if “one” is taken away from “two,” the resulting number is “one”

Further, we have noted these other areas of convergeance:

  • Both are integers
  • Both are whole numbers
  • Both are prime numbers
  • In fact, “one” and “two” are even consecutive numbers

A recent discovery even shows that both “one” and “two” consist of three letters. We hope to build upon this unity.

While rejoicing in the amazing similarities between “one” and “two,” and confident of the fundamental truths of these cardinal numbers, we recognize that there are necessarily interrelated questions that require urgent exploration. For example:

One – How can numbers have different values while at the same time have the same value?

One – How can “one” be alone, but “two” be together?

One – Diverse understandings of equivalence, identity, ratios, addition and subtraction, and what it means to be a “whole number.”

Also, some hold that “two” has gone beyond “one,” or that “two” denies the oneness of “one.” Others believe that “one” denies the fullness of “two” and leads to a truncated and reduced understanding of numbers.

This list of differences is by no means complete; there is a second list. This list of differences is complete; there is only one list.

Nevertheless, and neverthemore, mathematicians and numerologists who believe that “one” and “two” are important numbers must not let any differences, however important, undermine the great truth “one” equals “two.” We must be especially careful to avoid division, such as dividing “two” in half. Only oneness in the truth is important; unless you think twoness is also important.

Finally, in humility we realize that there are also some mathematicians and numerologists who hold allegiance to “three.” They even hold that “three” is the answer to the problem of unity between “one” and “two.” We admire their sincerity, and notice that “three” is also found in many lists, and is in fact another prime number. In the future, our discussion may include mathematicians for the “three” crowd.

We are excited about what the future holds, and we look forward to a day when all numbers may be “one.”


For a link to the wordsmithing, logic-defying, another-gospel-preaching, compromising, untruthful ECT II: The Gift of Salvation, click Here.

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  1. Cathy permalink
    December 29, 2012 4:20 pm

    You cannot combine Fundamentalist and Cardinals! LOL
    The core does not mix!
    Seriously, the Ecumenism and the Emerging Church is showing the Infinite Power of the RCC. We all know her “end is near”, for Babylon the “Spititual Whore in Revelation!”
    Christ himself will destroy Babylon, thar has made the people “drunk with her False Doctrines!”
    2000 years as a Wolf in Sheeps Clothing and Many False Christs dressed in Pomp and Ceremony….think of the Billions of people who were deceived by the Harlot?
    The worst is the Reformers that knew “the knowledge of the truth” who turned back to Mother Church….for they will not have Eternal Life!
    One is different from Two!

  2. Fernando Matro permalink
    March 27, 2014 1:24 pm

    Any ex-Catholic out there who would like to engage in an ecumenical dialogue in charity and love, one subject at a time, on Catholic doctrine, be my guest.

    Fernando Matro

    • Cathy permalink
      March 27, 2014 7:29 pm

      Mr. Matro,
      With, Charity and Love, I will never accept the blatant Heresy, of Universal Salvation! John 17:3 …This is Life Eternal….There is OnlyOne God, Christ!
      Allowing, all the False Religions, to believe, they are Saved for Eternal Life, is very Deceiving, including Atheist!
      Jesus is the only Way, Truth, and Life….the Door to the Father!
      All the Ecumenism, will not work, and there will be many Lost Souls, because, of this False Teaching!

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