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Categories of Errors

The first two categories include errors that tend to minimize the nature and work of God. The second two categories include errors that tend to maximize the nature and worth of Man. The categories are:

1)      Errors that leave unfinished what God has finished

2)      Errors that make tangible that which is spiritual

3)      Errors that make mediate that which is immediate

4)      Errors that make meritorious that which is gracious

Category 1 – Errors that leave unfinished what God has finished:

Root Error #1 – There is ongoing revelation

  1. Tradition (Apostolic succession, Interior Locution, Ever Virgin)
  2. Abstaining from meat (Indult, Lent, Mardi Gras)
  3. Celibate Priesthood (Pedophile priests, Homosexual priests)
  4. Holy Days of Obligation (Five Precepts, Jubilee, All Saints Day)

Root Error #2 – Sacrifice of the Mass is the ongoing sacrifice of Jesus

  1. Infusion of righteousness (Mass, Latin Mass, Infusion, Sacrifice)
  2. No Assurance (Assurance is Anathema, Trent)
  3. Bilocating (Real presence)

Root Error #3 – Purgatory is a place of purification after death

  1. Purgatory (Praying for the dead , All Souls Day)
  2. Indulgences (Mass Cards, Pilgrimages)

Category 2 – Errors that make tangible that which is spiritual:

Root Error #1 – Rome is the One True Church

Root Error #2 – The Pope is the head of the Church

  1. Pomp (Papal Attire, Triregnum)
  2. Supremacy (Pope, Primacy, Vicar, Interdict, Pacificism)

Root Error #3 – A Wafer is the body of Christ

  1. Transubstantiation (Real presence, monstrance)
  2. Consecration of the Host (Idolatry)

Category 3 – Errors that make mediate that which is immediate:

Root Error #1 – Sacraments are the means to heaven

Root Error #2 – Mary is Co-mediatrix

  1. Apparitions (Fatima, Guadalupe, Lourdes, Medjugorje, LaSalette, Zeitoun)

Root Error #3 – Pope is the Distributor of Grace

  1. Treasury of Merit (Supererogation, Prayers for the dead)

Root Error #4 – Dead Saints are Interceders

  1. Intercession (Altar Stone, All Saints Day, Upside down statue)
  2. Veneration of Saints (Dulia, Relics)

Root Error #5 – Priest is the Intermediary

Root Error #6 – Salvation is through the Church

  1. Assimilation (Charismatic, Cursillo, New Evangelical, Wordsmith, Passion)

Category #4 – Errors that make meritorious that which is gracious:

Root Error #1 – We Earn Our Salvation

  1. Observances (Pilgrimage, Sabbatine, Sacramentals, Scapular, Stations)

Root Error #2 – We Cooperate in Our Justification

  1. Confession (Absolution, Mortal Sin, Venial Sin)

Root Error #3 – Sincere People Go to Heaven

  1. Syncretism (Santeria, Voudon)
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