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Rob Zins newsletter on “Together 2016”

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July 5th 2016

Dear Friends of Discernment,

In 2 Corinthians 11:1-4 the apostle Paul makes it perfectly clear that it is very possible that some will preach a different Jesus, a different spirit, and a different gospel. History shows us many “different kinds of Jesus” have been proclaimed in both non-Christian religious groups and fringe cultic factions. In our day there are many who profess a kind of Jesus who has no connection with the Word of God. But what is becoming increasingly distressing is the number of popular evangelicals who are falling for this and merging with the ecumenical movement.

On July 16th of this month there will be a gathering on the Mall of Washington D.C. thousands of professing Christians who have been summoned to “Re-set American Christianity” under the umbrella of a rally named “Together 2016.” Under the direction of Nick Hall of Pulse Ministries this event will bring together Evangelical and Catholic speakers.

“Together 2016 is about laying aside what divides us to lift up Jesus who unites us. We are coming together in historic unity to pray for a reset for our nation.” Christian News Network

Mr. Hall goes on to say that it is not about what divides us, but about the one who unites us — Jesus. Pope Francis will be delivering a video message. Mr. Hall believes that God is answering his prayers and that he will be praying with the Pope on Friday before the event.

As you might imagine there is no mention of the glorious gospel of God in the promotion material for this happening. There is no mention of Sola Scriptura or Sola Fide. The catch word for this rally is “Jesus.” This is exactly by design. With slogans such as “Jesus unites us” and “Jesus has called us to unity” we are left with a Jesus detached from all moorings of biblical constraint. Jesus becomes only who a person thinks him to be in his own mind. Jesus is a wax nose shaped by the individual sculptor. In the ecumenical movement, Jesus is stripped of his biblical identity and purpose. The gospel is laid aside as a hindrance. Unity is elevated to the heavens as worthy of worship. The Jesus of one’s own imagination takes the place of God’s revelation. The name “Jesus” is treated as a magical elixir.

The tragedy of it all is that those involved have no clue that while they celebrate the Jesus of their imaginings the real gospel falls to the ground. In the name of unity the truth of God’s Word is trampled upon to make smooth the path for a different Jesus, a different spirit, and a different gospel. How serious is our fight? According to Christian News Network this meeting has the support of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, Luis Palau Association, Campus Crusade for Christ, Intervarsity Christian Fellowship, National Day of Prayer, and the American Bible Society.  Dear Christians hang on very tightly to your Bibles. Stand firm and strong!  Rob

“For we maintain that a man is justified by faith apart from works of law.” Romans 3:28
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