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Catholicism In the News

May, 2011 –  The Catholic Church sponsored John Jay Report on the causes underlying the sex abuse scandal is released. Authorized by the U.S. bishops, the report is mocked by the press for placing blame on the sexual revolution of the 60’s. No link was determined that placed any of the blame on a corrupt church hierarchy or the unbiblical tradition of the celibate priesthood and the prevalence of homosexual priests. {81% of the victims of sexual abuse were boys, while the majority of abuse in the general public are heterosexual encounters}.

February, 2011 – The first mobile app to receive the imprimatur is released. “Confession: A Roman Catholic App” is available for the Apple iPhone to assist tech-savvy Catholics in making a good confession to their priest for the forgiveness of their sins.

January, 2011 – During his pontificate, John Paul II was responsible for more canonization of saints that all his predecessors combined. Now, he is the fastest ever to be beatified by the Catholic Church, surpassing the beatification of Mother Teresa by several weeks. On January 14th, his case was published by the Office for the Causes of the Saints. The required miracle was certified (the healing of a French nun from Parkinson’s disease after she prayed to John Paul II for intercession). In addition, the candidate for sainted must lead a holy life and be blessed of God. Did John Paul II meet these qualifications?

December, 2010 – Catholic Church officially confirms first Marian apparition site in the United States. The site near Green Bay, WI is one of eleven worldwide. The apparition, calling herself the Queen of Heaven, appeared to a young Belgian immigrant in 1859.

November, 2010 – U.S. Conference of Bishops Approve Baptism Accord with Reformed Churches, including the PCUSA. Apparently, justification by faith alone has been replaced by justification by baptism as the rallying cry of the mainline Presbyterians. Here is the agreement.

September, 2010 – Pope Benedict XVI visits England, the first official papal visit since England repudiated Catholicism.

December, 2009 – Benedict XVI places Hitler’s pope and Mary’s pope on the road to sainthood.

November, 2009 – Release of the Manhattan Declaration, an ecumenical document that takes another step to seduce evangelicals through the use of social issues and convergeance ecumenism. Drafted by ECT’ers – and signed by many prominent evangelicals.

November 2009 – ECT VII is released. This latest edition from Chuck Colson et al is entitled “Do Whatever He Tells You: The Blessed Virgin Mary in Christian Faith and Life.”

October 2009 – Pope urges Anglicans to leave their church en masse.

June, 2009 – Pope calls for super-governmental body to preside over the UN to enforce  social policy. This papal encyclical is another reminder of the Antichrist’s mission of world domination.

May, 2009 – Obama speaks at Notre Dame commencement.

January, 2009 – Controversy erupts after Pope Benedict XVI lifts the excommunication of four SSPX bishops, including Holocaust denier Richard Williamson.

January, 2009 – Co-founder of the ecumenical ECT movement, John Richard Neuhaus, dies.

September, 2008 – Pope visits the Marian apparition site at Lourdes on 150th anniversary.

May, 2008 – World’s largest monstrance unveiled in Chicago. This nine foot tall monstrance is a depiction of Mary holding on to the horns of the tabernacle, with the host depicted in her midsection.

April, 2008 – Pope visits New York City, prays for the dead at Ground Zero:

“O God of love, compassion, and healing, look on us, people of many different faiths and traditions, who gather today at this site, the scene of incredible violence and pain. We ask you in your goodness to give eternal light and peace to all who died here…”
 October, 2007 – Agreement between the Papacy and Eastern Orthodoxy on the primacy of the Pope.

August, 2007 – Mother Teresa’s Crisis of Faith – revealed in a book “Mother Teresa: Come Be My Light.” Sadly, based on her personal writings and diaries, the unbelief of this greatly admired woman is abundantly evident. She is the unfortunate product of the Romish system of salvation, a system that hides Jesus behind a multitude of mediators.

July, 2007 – Pope Benedict XVI reinstates the Latin Mass.

December, 2005– The first encyclical of Benedict XVI – All Charity begins at Rome. Benedict XVI continues the Catholic social teaching on the universal destination of goods – or enforced Catholic Socialism.

April, 2005 – The Death of John Paul II; The Election of a new Pope. An incredible spectacle and PR victory for Romanism.

February, 2004 – Mel Gibson’s movie The Passion of the Christ is released. The movie is tremendously popular among evangelicals despite it Marian overtones and the gratuitous violence.

October, 2003 – Pope/Pontiff John Paul II (a/k/a “Pontifex Maximus”) Entrusts Europe to Mary. Her intercession will enable Europe to become “a symphony of nations committed to building together a civilisation of love and peace.” Peace and unity are the battle cry of the Antichrist – but it will be a false peace.

October, 2002John Paul II declares start of “Year of the Rosary.” Having consecrated himself entirely to her care (instead of Jesus), he is encouraging his flock to do likewise.

August, 2002Catholic Church declares that it is improper to evangelize Jews. This is quite a change, given the history of forced conversions and persecution of Jews by the Papacy. This, of course, is in direct opposition to the command of Jesus to proclaim the gospel indiscriminately, and the apostle Paul who shared the gospel “with the Jew first.”

January, 2002 – The Sex Abuse Scandal explodes in the media after reporting by The Boston Globe.

September, 2000 – John Paul II beatifies Pope Pius IX. This infamous pope reigned at Vatican I, declaring himself infallible. He also kidnapped a young Jewish boy, raising him at the Vatican. Perhaps he can be the “patron saint” of kidnappers?

August, 2000 – Vatican releases Dominus Iesus, declaring that all other Christians belong to false churches.

May, 2000 – John Paul II reiterates Marian dogma at Fatima apparition site.

March, 2000 – Pope’s “Day of Pardon”

October, 1999 – The Lutheran World Federation and the Roman Catholic Church publish a statement of agreement on the doctrine of justification. The document uses wordsmithing and “convergence ecumenism” (stressing similarities, avoiding differences) to allow the parties to read their own theology into the document. This egregious document was released on Reformation Day at Wittenburg!!!

  1. Article by Rob Zins – According to the Accord

May, 1999– Anglicans and Catholics agree on the authority of the Pope, describing the pope as “a gift to be received by all churches.” Wonder what the English martyrs Thomas Cranmer and Nicholas Ridley would think of this document?

March, 1999 – The New Catholic Ecumenism: Cardinal Arinze confirms that belief in Jesus is not necessary for salvation. As long as you are sincere in your beliefs about God, you can achieve salvation.

Article by Rob Zins – Wrong on Both Ends

October, 1998 – John Paul II beatifies the WWII mass murderer of the Serbs, Croatian Cardinal Stepinac.

September, 1998 – The ECT virus spreads to Europe with publication of the 16 page booklet Evangelicals and Catholics Together in Ireland

May, 1998 – The screws are tightened. John Paul II amends Canon Law to provide for complete submission by all Catholics.

December, 1997 – ECT II – The Gift of Salvation is released to the public in Christianity Today. The document preaches another gospel – the gospel of ecumenism. Further proof that Chuck Colson, J.I. Packer and the other “new evangelicals” have no intention of repenting of their apostasy.

September, 1997 – The Death of Mother Teresa.

March, 1996 – The book Ecumenical Jihad by Peter Kreeft is published. A call for all “Christians” to engage in the culture war – and ignore those  minor theological differences. Kreeft, a Catholic apologist and former evangelical, is endorsed by the evangelical ECT’ers.

May, 1995 – Papal Encyclical “Ut Unum Sint” – John Paul II’s promotion of false unity with Romanism.

March, 1994 – Prominent evangelicals and Roman Catholics sign the document Evangelicals and Catholics Together: The Christian Mission in the Third Millennium. It causes an immediate firestorm of controversy, since it omits the sola regarding the doctrine of justification. It also minimized critical differences and assumes that Roman Catholics are Christians.

August, 1993 – Home Sweet Rome (the autobiography of Scott & Kimberly Hahn) is published, detailing their conversion from evangelicalism to Catholicism. Hahn is now an influential Catholic Apologist.

October, 1990 – Evangelical Catholic published by Keith Fournier, and highly recommended by Chuck Colson. Ecumenical muddying of the distinction between evangelicals and Catholics. The book’s title is an oxymoron.

September, 1987 – Coming to America: The Pope Visits Columbia, SC.

October 1986 – The World Day of Prayer in Assisi. Blasphemous worship and prayer with the world’s false religions.

November, 1983 – A new Code of Canon Law is released. Canon Law binds Catholics to the false teachings of the papacy, replacing the Scripture as God’s authority (for example, in the “sacrament” of marriage and rules related to annulments. Catholics are required to totally submit to the Papacy – please check your mind and will at the door.

August, 1981 – The Eternal Word Television Network (EWTN) is founded by “Mother Angelica,” a Catholic nun.

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