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All Saints Day

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Definition:   A holy day of obligation (November 1st) to honor the saints who are in heaven.  The saints have the power to intercede on behalf of the Catholic, and thus are mediators of grace. Attendance at mass is mandatory on a holy day of obligation; failure to attend without just cause (such as illness) is a grave sin. Unless confessed, even a single grave sin remaining at death causes exclusion from heaven and eternal death in hell. 

Discussion: Paul describes the obligatory practice of observing religious holidays as “weak and worthless elemental things” (Gal. 4:9-10), and feared for the souls of the Galatians who practiced them. Concerning the mediation of the saints, the Scriptures know of only one mediator – Jesus. Belief in the intercession of the saints minimizes the entirely sufficient mediation of Jesus for sin.

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