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Definition:   A pronouncement of judgment. After a dogma is decreed by a Council of the Catholic Church, an anathema is declared against those who hold to opposing teachings. Unless such persons repent, they are destined for eternal damnation. Those who hold to the Protestant teaching of justification by faith alone and the assurance of salvation are anathematized. Anathemas are also in place for those who deny the infallibility of the Pope, transubstantiation, penance, baptismal regeneration, indulgences, purgatory, and the veneration of relics.

Discussion:  The Catholic Church, under the guise of holding “the power of the keys,” usurps the authority that is reserved only for God – to condemn someone to hell. Catholicism also usurps the authority of the Bible by designing doctrines that are not scriptural. Historically, the Catholic Church has persecuted and martyred those holding contrary beliefs.

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