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Definition:   The history of abuse and persecution of the Jews by the Catholic Church. Examples of anti-Semeitsm abound. The crusaders killed many Jews on their journey to the holy land, and when they conquered Jerusalem they gathered the Jews into their synagogues and burned them alive. Pope Paul IV required the Jews in Rome to wear yellow cloth badges and confiscated their property. They were forced to live apart in ghettos until the city of Rome was freed by Italy in the nineteenth century. Jews were regularly required to listen to proselytizing sermons, and were forcibly baptized. In Spain, Jews were required to either convert or abandon their property and leave the country. Those who were thus converted were then subject to the horrors of the Inquisition. Pope Pius IX kidnapped a six year old Jewish boy who had been baptized by a Christian servant and raised him in the Vatican.  Before becoming pope, Pius XII negotiated the concordat with Hitler that made Catholicism the state religion of Germany. During World War II, he was silent concerning the holocaust (although he did try to persuade the Nazis to spare Jews who had converted to Catholicism). After the war ended, the papacy was responsible for the escape of Nazi war criminals to South America through the “Vatican Ratlines.”

Definition: The Catholic Church proudly considers herself the “New Jerusalem” and calls Rome the “holy” and “eternal” city. But God is not going to let the sins of the Catholic Church go unpunished. For abusing the Jewish people (and true Christians) the papacy will be utterly destroyed (Rev. 18:8;19:2-3).

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