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DefinitionAnglican-Roman Catholic International Commission. Ecumenical discussions between the Anglican and Roman Catholic Churches. The Commission hopes to restore full ecclesiastical communion by means of dialog. The primary focus of the Commission is unity in two areas: the authority of the Church and how a person is saved. During the reign of Henry VIII, the Church of England broke off from the Catholic Church over these issues. Anglican clergy subscribe to the “39 Articles of Religion.” Article 11 states that a person is “accounted righteous before God solely on account of the merit of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and not on account of our own good works.”  In opposition, Catholicism condemns to hell all who teach that a person is justified by faith alone. Article 19 states “As the churches of Jerusalem, Alexandria, and Antioch have erred, so also the Church of Rome has erred, not only in their practice and forms of worship, but also in matters of faith.” Catholicism condemns to hell all who teach that the Catholic Church and the Pope are not infallible. To overcome these differences, the documents have been carefully scripted to promote a “convergence of understanding” between the two Churches. 

Discussion: In ARCIC, differences are minimized or not addressed. Then sweeping conclusions are made. A false unity is promoted through the parsing of words and the use of double-speak. The agreements lead people to believe that the Churches have resolved their major doctrinal differences. ARCIC promotes the false gospel of ecumenism. This is an offense to the English martyrs who gave their lives in defense of these important doctrines. They feed the postmodern idea that truth is relative. They deny the timeless authority of Scripture. Since the Catholic Church claims infallibility, doctrinal change is impossible concerning authority and salvation, making these agreements a sham.

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