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Assumption of Mary

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Definition:   The carrying up of Mary to heaven, where she is exalted as Queen of Heaven. The Assumption of Mary was declared an infallible dogma of the Catholic Church by Pope Pius XII in 1950. The doctrine does not clarify whether or not Mary died, but it does affirm that she could not undergo bodily corruption.  Catholics believe that Mary was sinless because she was immaculately conceived in the womb of Anne, her mother. [Thus, she was born without the ability to sin, since she did not inherit original sin from the line of Adam. She was born without a sin nature]. The Feast of the Assumption is a holy day of obligation. It is celebrated August 15th.

Discussion: The Bible says that everyone has sinned and fallen short of the glory of God (Rom. 3:23). Very little is written in the Bible about Mary after Jesus’ death. Her assumption into heaven is mere Catholic speculation that is unsupported in Scripture. The Bible alludes to Mary sinning when she thought Jesus had gone insane and attempted to have Him committed (Mk. 3:21, 31). Mary herself described her need for salvation from sin (Lk. 1:47). The Catholic Church also holds that Mary is the woman described in Rev. 12 who experienced pain in childbirth. If this is so, how could Mary be sinless, since this is one of the curses of sin upon the descendents of Eve?

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