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Auto De fé

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Definition:   The Catholic ritual of condemnation performed after a person was found guilty of heresy by the Office of the Inquisition. Following the conviction of a heretic, a mass and a public procession would be celebrated, and the formal condemnation pronounced. Preceding the auto de fé, the heretic would have been tortured in an attempt to gain a confession and possibly to incriminate other heretics. Following the auto de fé, the heretic would be publicly punished or executed. The favored form of execution was burning the person alive at the stake. Auto de fé is Spanish for “Act of faith.”

Discussion:  The torture and martyrdom of the faithful by the apostate Church was foretold by Jesus and revealed to the apostle John (Rev. 6:9; 17:6). The Catholic Church (the great harlot) will eventually be repaid for her abominable “acts of faith” (Rev. 17:1).

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