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Catechism of the Catholic Church

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Definition:   An official and sure theological summary of the teachings of the Catholic Church. The CCC was finished in 1992, but was updated to its current version in 1994. It is not a catechism as normally defined, since it is not written in a question and answer format. Rather, it was written to be source material for the purpose of writing other actual catechisms. One of the purposes of the Catechism, according to Pope John Paul II, is the furtherance of ecumenical dialog by demonstrating the “wondrous harmony of the catholic faith.”  The book provides numbered paragraphs for easy reference.

Discussion: This book should be part of every evangelical’s personal library. Discerning the soul-damning errors of Catholicism is critical at this time of ecumenism and postmodern relativity. The CCC is especially helpful for Christians who have recently left the Catholic Church since it exposes the lies that once held them in bondage. Such lies as purgatory (1030), merit (2006), transubstantiation (1374), baptismal regeneration (1266), indulgences (1471), Tradition (81) … well, the list goes on and on.

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