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Definition:   The role of the sinless, ever-virgin Mary in accomplishing the salvation of mankind. Mary’s redeeming role began when she agreed to become pregnant with Jesus (Lk. 1:38) and to suffer with Him (Lk. 2:35).  According to Pope Benedict XVI, Mary’s cooperation made her the “Mother of all believers.” It is likely that the Catholic Church will make Co-Redemptrix the fifth Marian dogma. [The other four: Mary is the Mother of God; she was immaculately conceived without sin in her mother’s womb; she was perpetually a virgin; and she was assumed body and soul to heaven.]

Discussion:  The Catholic Church idolizes Mary. It distorts her into a mythical being worthy of worship and submission. [Pope John Paul II’s motto was: Mary, I’m all yours]. The apostle Paul constantly preached about Jesus (1 Cor. 2:2) – he said nothing about Mary. Mary was not sinless (Mk. 3:21). Mary had other children (Mt. 13:55). Her assumption into heaven is a tradition started many years after the New Testament was completed.

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