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Definition:   A sacramental depicting the crucifixion of Jesus that is typically hung on walls and worn as jewelry. Sacramentals are religious objects or practices that resemble the sacraments. They are used to invoke the intercession of the Church. While they do not impart grace to the same degree as the sacraments,  sacramentals make the person more disposed to receive grace. A crucifix can be used as an amulet for protection from evil. The Vatican’s chief exorcist (Gabriele Amorth) recommends keeping a crucifix in every room. The crucifix should be blessed by the priest. An indulgence is received by kissing the crucifix.

Discussion: The use of amulets is a pagan superstition that is condemned in the Bible. The depiction of Jesus on the cross is symbolic of the primary error of Catholicism – denial of the finished and sufficient work of Christ. The resurrection of Jesus is proof of our justification (Rom. 4:25). We who believe have been reconciled to God (Rom. 5:11). The Catholic is in bondage to an ongoing system – confessions, masses, indulgences, amulets, prayers to Mary and the Saints – which denies the sufficiency and simplicity of faith in Jesus. Symbolically, Jesus is still being crucified over and over, just as represented in the Mass.

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