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Daily Mass

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Definition:   Attending the Eucharistic liturgy on weekdays and Saturdays. It is mandatory to attend Mass on all Sundays and Holy Days of Obligation under threat of mortal sin. In order to achieve eternal life, daily attendance at Mass is also encouraged. The primary spiritual aids to salvation are dispensed by the Church through participation in the sacrament of the Eucharist. These daily Masses are typically of short duration, and are available early in the morning to aid commuters. Masses are also seen as an effective means of releasing souls from Purgatory.

Discussion: The multiplication of Masses is another means of binding the Catholic to mother Church. It appeals to prideful religiosity. It enforces the fallacious idea that the more we do, the more likely we will attain heaven.  In reality, Jesus paid the full price for our salvation (Heb. 10:12).

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