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Definition:   The Catholic term for the veneration that is due to Saints and to relics. It is the service that is deemed fitting based upon the holy stature of the individual or relic. This is deemed a different kind of honor than that to be given to Mary (hyperdulia) or God (latria, or worship). Catholicism teaches that Mary and the Saints provide intercession to those who offer dulia or hyperdulia. Spiritual benefits accrue to those who venerate relics.

Discussion: Catholicism gives lip service to the distinction between worship due to God and veneration due to Mary and the Saints. In practice, there is little distinction. In fact, based upon practices such as praying the Rosary (where Mary is invoked 53 times to the Father’s five) and petitions to Saints, the devout Catholic places greater emphasis on the creature’s mediatory power than to Christ’s (1 Tim. 2:5).

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