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Ex Cathedra

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Definition:   Latin for “from the chair,” this relates to the Roman Catholic doctrine of the infallibility that attaches to the Pope when he presents authoritative dogma. Catholicism holds that the Pope has supreme apostolic authority over the Christian church as the successor to Peter. These doctrines are irreformable – they can never be changed by the Church. Since the official declaration of this papal power in 1870, it has only been used once to declare infallible dogma. Pope Pius XII declared that Mary’s body and soul were “assumed” to Heaven, where she reigns as Queen (1950).

 Discussion: Official Catholic dogmas such as Mary’s sinlessness, her perpetual virginity and her assumption to heaven are either contradictory to Scripture or simply fables. One commentator, in discussing ex cathedra, asks the question “if the Pope were given a one-hundred question theology test, how many correct answers would he get?” The answer: He could leave the test blank, since he wouldn’t get any answers wrong. Every pope save one has left his answer sheet blank since 1870. The Infallible Pope is a laughable fraud, or would be if it weren’t for the millions of Catholics who are duped by their Church.

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