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First Fridays

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Definition:   Based on visions of Jesus that Catholic saint Margaret Mary Alacoque saw in France in the 1600’s, any Catholic who receives Holy Communion on the first Friday of nine consecutive months is promised the special grace of final repentance unto salvation. She witnessed the heart of Jesus on a throne of flames surrounded by a crown of thorns, with a cross above it, and was repeatedly told by Jesus of mankind’s ingratitude and coldness toward Him.

The “First Friday” promise should not be confused with the “First Saturday” promise. This latter promise relates to the consecration of oneself to Mary, and is based on the apparition at Fatima.

Discussion: The Bible warns of people taking stands based upon heavenly visions (Col. 2:18). The word of God is clear as to how a person is saved. It is through a one-time change of heart (repentance) and believing the Gospel (Mk. 1:15). It is not a lifelong process (Rom. 5:1), and it is not through the reception of special blessings based on superstition and rituals.

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