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Gift of Salvation, The (ECT II)

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Definition:   Also known as ECT II, this is the second of four documents that was published to promote unity between evangelicals and Catholics by Charles Colson, John Richard Neuhaus et al. In response to widespread criticism of the first ECT document concerning its failure to elucidate distinctions concerning justification, ECT II attempts to reconcile the irreconcilable. Can a person be saved solely by faith in Christ or is it by faith in Christ plus the Catholic sacraments, plus good works, plus the intercession of Mary and the Saints, plus time spent serving in Purgatory? Through careful wording and sleight of hand, the document claims to portray how the gift of salvation is taught in both systems.

Discussion: The evangelical participants in the writing of this abominable document should publicly repent for their sin of preaching another gospel, the gospel of ecumenism. They are promoting the broad way that leads to destruction (Mt. 7:13). They have succeeded in legitimatizing a false religious system that binds its adherents under the law, all under the pretense of contending for the faith in the public square (2 Cor. 11:3). They have sold out the gospel for a mess of “culture war” pottage.

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