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Holy Water

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Definition:   Water that has been specially blessed to provide spiritual benefits to those who use it. Holy Water is placed in fonts located at the entrances of a Catholic Church. Upon entering, people are encouraged to dip their fingers into the holy water and to make the sign of the cross. Both the water and the sign of the cross are sacramentals which convey the blessed intercession of the Church. Sacramentals can remit the punishment for venial sins, and can shorten time spent in purgatory. The water may also be taken home for personal use.

Discussion: Jesus warns of the worthless ceremonial washing traditions of the Pharisees (Lk. 11:39). Such traditions are externals that convey no spiritual benefit, but rather deceive their practitioners (Col. 2:8). The Catholic Church binds its adherents by offering salvation on the installment plan, available through false mediation and superstition.

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