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Homosexual Priests

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Definition:   The attraction to the Catholic priesthood of men who are actively homosexual or who exhibit homosexual tendencies after entering the priesthood. The Catholic Church teaches that homosexual acts are “intrinsically disordered” and are a violation of natural law – they are grave sins. Catholic homosexuals are called to chastity and self-mastery, relying on the sacraments to strengthen their resolve to approach Christian perfection (CCC 2357-59). Unfortunately, the requirement for mandatory celibacy of priests and a lifestyle of separation into all-male living arrangements results in a high percentage of homosexual priests. Surveys sent to 500 random priests by a Franciscan priest in 1990 received 398 responses, with 45% confirming that they were gay. Other surveys and estimates reflect a percentage of between 20 and 50 percent. An NBC report found that anywhere from 23 to 58 percent of Catholic clergy have homosexual orientation.

Discussion:  The unbiblical tradition of celibacy has caused much misery in the Catholic Church. The poor youth who enters the priesthood with the best of intentions should be pitied.  He spends eight years surrounded by only men in seminary. He is caught in a false sacramental religion that is void of power. When he succumbs to the homosexual lifestyle, he is formally condemned by his Church. Yet so many of his associates are just like him. The homosexual act is a mortal sin which removes all of God’s grace until confessed. But it is impossible for him to confess, for to do so would risk the only profession he is trained to perform. He is dependent to the Church. Over time, his conscience becomes seared. He is living a lie.


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