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Definition  The level of veneration to be accorded by Catholics to the blessed virgin Mary, Mother of God. Catholicism makes a distinction between worship that is to given to God (Latria) versus the veneration due to the saints (Dulia). Hyperdulia is the highest form of dulia. Catholicism’s Mary is said to be sinless, and to have lived her life “above and beyond the call of duty.” As a result, she is now the Queen of Heaven, and is responsible for interceding between the Catholic and Jesus. Through her prayers, the Catholic can be “made worthy of the promises of Christ.”

Discussion:  It is the nature of most Catholics to pay more attention to the many mediators who help them attain salvation than to Jesus, who is the only true mediator (1 Tim. 2:5). Mary is the primary helper to whom Catholics rest their hope of heaven. For the many prayers that she receives, she is accorded “latria” in practice if not in theory.

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