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Definition:   The worship of any object, image, or idea instead of, in addition to, or as a mediator to the true God. For example, a person could worship the sun (an object), a picture of a saint or angel (an image or mediator), or a false God (an idea). We all commit the sin of idolatry in our daily lives. Our love of entertainment, sports, video games, leisure, retirement, money, houses, cars, motorcycles, boats, jewelry, fashion, food, drink, drugs, fame, power, sex and attention all compete with our love of God. We worship ourselves and our comfort. The many religions of the world worship an idea of god rather than the true God who is revealed in the Bible.

Discussion:  The answer to the question “How do we worship God?” is answered in the Bible. God takes worship seriously. We are to worship God in the manner prescribed in His word. False worship or idolatry is any other means of worship. This is known as the regulative principle of worship. Nadab and Abihu, the first priests, were burned alive for improper worship (Lev. 10:2).  In the old Covenant, the people of Israel were given specific instructions for worship. They were severely chastised when they committed idolatry or false worship. Under the new Covenant, God is to be worshiped only through His Son, who has appeased the Father’s wrath by His atoning sacrifice. God’s attributes, such as His holiness, omnipotence, omniscience, lovingkindness, and justice are described plainly in the Bible to help us know Him so that we can offer proper worship.

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