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Intercession of the Saints

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Definition:   The practice of praying to the saints in heaven in order to receive both temporal and spiritual benefits. In Catholicism there is a process to determine who has definitely died and gone to heaven called canonization. One of the proofs necessary to become a saint is the discovery that at least two miracles have occurred due to prayers made to the dead person. Once this occurs, the person is included in the list or canon of the saints.  Patron saints are said to offer help and protection to specific groups. For example, Joan of Arc is the patron saint of France and soldiers.

Discussion: When His disciples asked Jesus how to pray, He told them to pray “Our Father in heaven…” (Lk. 11:2). To pray to a created being is idolatry and superstition. The women of Jerusalem were rebuked for making prayer requests to the queen of heaven (Jer. 44:17-22).

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