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Definition:   A year of celebration once every 25 years. The jubilee year starts on Christmas Eve (12/24), and goes through the following year, ending on the next Feast of the Epiphany (1/6). The Pope confers special blessings (plenary indulgences) to those who take pilgimages to Rome and other holy sites during the jubilee year, and follow other rules set down by the Church. A plenary indulgence can be used to free a friend or relative from the punishments of Purgatory to get them to heaven. On the most recent jubilee (2000), Pope John Paul provided plenary indulgences to those who piously visited certain basilicas in Rome, the holy land, or other specially designated sites. The pilgrims also must confess their sins to a priest, participate in the Mass, offer prayers for the Pope, and perform certain works required by the priest after confession. In lieu of a pilgrimage, a plenary indulgence can be received through reflection upon sin and the performance of good works, such as donating money and abstaining from foods.

Discussion: The Catholic Church has created a fiction (purgatory) by which it binds the consciences of its adherents, doling out indulgences to free them from this fictitious place. Jesus condemns such spiritually fraudulent charlatans (Mt. 23:2-36). The Pope usurps authority over souls that only belongs to God.

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