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Discussion:   A place where unbaptized infants may go upon death. In order to go to heaven, a Catholic must be baptized to remove original sin. It seemed unfair that an infant who had not committed any actual sins should go to hell. So a hypothetical eternal middle ground between heaven and hell was suggested by Catholic theologians. It is a place of natural happiness or mild punishment, but still apart from God.

Discussion: Catholicism makes false claims concerning its ability to discern who goes to heaven. It creates patron saints through its process of canonization. It claims to mete out heaven through the sprinkling of babies. It is God who holds the power to determine who will go to heaven or hell (Lk. 12:5). In order to go to heaven a person must become like an infant, totally dependent on God’s mercy (Mt. 18:3). The sovereign Spirit of God applies salvation, not the sprinkling of infants with water (Jn. 3:8).

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