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DefinitionAn unapproved but extremely popular Marian apparition site in the former country of Yugoslavia (now Bosnia-Herzegovina). The apparitions appeared to three children beginning in 1981 and continuing today. The popularity of the event was enhanced by a Lutheran publisher from Myrtle Beach, SC who received a message from God that he should promote the apparition. Wayne Weible has written eight books about the apparition. He has also printed an eight-page tabloid Miracle at Medjugorje that has surpassed 100 million copies.

DiscussionThis apparition has caused much division among Catholics as to its validity. It has not been approved by the Church and has been discredited by the local bishop. Some argue that the revelations to the children contradict Catholic doctrine. Nevertheless, many millions of pilgrims have visited the site, and miraculous occurrences are attributed to the apparition. It is sad indeed that Catholics flock to visit a demonic apparition in lieu of trusting in Christ alone for their salvation.

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