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Definition:   The period of time after a convert receives initiation into Catholicism where additional faith formation occurs. In order to enter the Catholic Church as a convert, a person must be catechized through a formal six month series of instruction known as the Rites of Christian Initiation (RCIA). Following the reception of the Catholic sacraments of baptism (if needed), penance, holy communion, and confirmation, the neophyte enters the informal period of mystagogy where they “test-drive” their new faith. It is recommended to last at least one year.

Discussion: The RCIA process and mystagogy are an indoctrination into the false teachings of Catholicism. The Catholic faith is a complex religious system that requires the performance of rituals and submission to ancient, often esoteric teachings. The meaning of the papacy, the bishop, the priest, the saints, Mary, the seven sacraments, indulgences, purgatory, mortal and venial sins, sacramentals, transubstantiation, liturgical rites, and numerous traditions must be learned. Catholicism requires practice – there are countless things a Catholic must do to achieve heaven. This in contrast to the only true requirements: believe the good new of Jesus Christ (Acts 16:31). The Philippian jailer received a very short course from Paul!

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