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Neuhaus, Richard and ECT

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Definition:   Co-founder with Charles Colson of the “Evangelicals and Catholics Together (ECT)” ecumenical movement and editor of the influential neoconservative political journal “First Things.” Neuhaus was a Lutheran pastor until his conversion to Catholicism in 1990, becoming a priest in 1991. Neuhaus had great influence in the policy decisions of George W. Bush, who called him “Father Richard.” Despite being Catholic, Time Magazine include him in the list of the 25 most influential evangelicals in 2005. Neuhaus leaned toward universalism in his beliefs, hoping that in reality hell will not be populated because of the love of God.

Discussion: ECT blurred the clear distinctions between Catholic and evangelical doctrine, discouraged the evangelizing of Catholics, and in the second ECT document presented a false gospel of salvation. The work of Mr. Neuhaus has been foundational in the acceptance of Catholicism among evangelicals, which will eventually result in the universalistic false religion of the end times.

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