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Nihil Obstat

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Definition: (Latin for “nothing hinders”).   The term used by Catholic censors to proclaim a work free of doctrinal or moral error. For a Catholic to publish, the local Bishop must be satisfied that the writing will not contain errors that could lead a Catholic astray. The author or publisher is assigned one or more censors who make recommendations and eventually provide that the document is publishable. After receiving the nihil obstat from the censors, the book is presented to the local bishop. If the bishop finds it acceptable, he grants the imprimatur which allows for printing and distribution.

DiscussionThe censoring of books is an example of the heavy-handed mind control exercised by the Catholic Church. In order for a religious cult to better control its adherents, all truth must be mediated through the cult’s infallible teachers. They argue that it is for the protection of the sheep. But who will protect the sheep from the wolf-Shepherd? It is our responsibility to compare all teaching to biblical truth (Mt. 7:15). Ultimately, the fate of one’s soul hangs in the balance (James 5:20).

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