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Definition:   A political ambassador that represents the Holy See of the Roman Catholic Church. The papacy is not only a religious entity, it is also considered a nation located within the city of Rome. The Vatican’s ambassadors have full diplomatic rights with most countries. The United States, as an historically Protestant country, did not have full diplomatic relations with the Vatican until January 10, 1984. Many attribute the fall of the Berlin Wall to superior Vatican intelligence and the efforts of Pope John Paul II, the Polish Pope.

Discussion: The book of Revelation describes a powerful city that will reign over the kings of the earth (Rev. 17:18). Historically, the papacy has controlled the affairs of Europe, with Popes crowning and deposing Kings. The religious woman described as sitting on seven hills (Rome), dressed in purple and scarlet (papal colors), having great wealth, and persecuting and killing the saints (inquisitions) is an amazing prophetic picture of the papacy.

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