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Patron Saint

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Definition:   A person who the Catholic Church determines has entered heaven, and who is able to intercede for those who pray to them. The Catholic Church has a list or canon of saints that it encourages the faithful to pray to for blessings and protection. Each saint is allotted a patronage – a group, vocation, activity, or nation,– that they are specifically able to help. For example, St. Matthew is the patron saint for accountants. Joan of Arc is the patron saint of France.

Discussion: Catholicism steals from the glory of the one and only intercessor: Jesus (1 Tim. 2:15).  The patron saints are just another in a long list of Catholic mediators that separate the Catholic from the Savior. The Catholic Church usurps God’s authority by falsely determining who is written in God’s book of life. The only people who know who will be in heaven are the Father, the Son and the believer personally (Lk. 10:21).

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