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Discussion:   A trip to a religious site made in order to receive spiritual or temporal benefits. The most popular places to visit are shrines erected at the site of Marian apparitions. Up to 20 million visitors per year flock to a basilica near Mexico City. The major attraction at this site is  an apron that bears an image (deemed worthy of veneration) of the Virgin Mary. Millions also visit Fatima in Portugal, Lourdes in France, and Medjugorje in Bosnia-Herzegovina (site of alleged ongoing Marian apparitions).

Discussion: Pilgrims gotta eat. Officials of the basilica in Mexico, which can seat as many as 40,000, authorized a Domino’s Pizza franchise in the Atrium. However 150 local vendors who held valid permits would be displaced. The local government denied the request that they be removed. Tourism brings great prosperity to these venues and to the Church. Ignoring the idolatrous veneration of statues and aprons, one wonders if Jesus approves of these assemblies (Jn. 2:16).

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