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Prayers to St. Jude

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Definition:   Requests for intercession made to the apostle Jude for relief in times of desperation. St. Jude is the patron saint for difficult cases and lost causes. Devotion to Jude began in the U.S. in the Chicago area and he is the patron saint of the Chicago Police Department.  A novena made to Jude is deemed to be an exceptional method to receive answers to prayer. An important part of the devotion is to advertise answered prayers in the newspaper – “Thank you St. Jude for favors granted.”

Discussion: When it comes to intercession, why do Catholics avoid Jesus like the plague? Is His intercession ineffective (Heb. 12:2)? He promises that those who come to Him will receive rest for their burdened souls (Mt. 11:25). It is at least implied that that the Catholic can pray to God for the minor things, but FOR THE REALLY DIFFICULT ISSUES you need to pray to a saint. This is idolatry.

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