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Definition:   The ordained intercessor who administers the sacraments of salvation and repeatedly sacrifices Jesus on the Catholic altar. Referred to as “Father,” the priest plays an essential role in bringing the Catholic to heaven. In order to achieve salvation, a person must be baptized by the priest, confess their mortal sins to the priest, and most importantly receive Jesus in the Eucharist when the priest’s word turns Him into wafers. If they are lucky, the dying Catholic may even receive the sacrament of extreme unction from the priest. The priest is a critical intercessor for the Catholic. He effectively applies salvation through his lifelong work.

 Discussion: There is no longer any need for a priest. The office has been terminated under the new covenant by the infinitely superior priesthood of Jesus (Heb. 7:27). To be saved, a person must receive spiritual baptism of the Holy Spirit, not the water baptism of the priest. All sins (past and future) have been forgiven, so the sacrament of penance is not necessary. The repetitive sacrifice of the Mass is worthless, since Jesus offered Himself once for all time to pay for sin (Heb. 9:28). The mediation of the priest keeps the Catholic away from the Savior – and from salvation.

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