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Definition: Rite of Christian Initiation of AdultsThe process required for an adult to become Catholic. Those wishing to join the Catholic Church enter a period of inquiry known as the Pre-Catechumenate. During this time, the heart desires greater closeness to God only available in union with the Catholic Church, through which is received the fullness of salvation. After an initial interview, a sponsor is selected to assist the catechumen through the course of instruction. The inquirer receives the Rite of Acceptance, whereby they are welcomed, but must leave prior to the sacrifice of the Mass. Weekly meetings are held to share the traditions of the Church, the importance of the sacraments, and Catholic doctrine. The culmination of the formal instruction occurs during the Easter season. On the Saturday before Easter, catechumens (those never baptized) enter the Church through the sacrament of Baptism. Non-Catholic Christians who have already been baptized (known as “candidates”) are not baptized again. The sacraments of Confirmation and the Eucharist are received. The final stage of the process is known as mystagogy – an indeterminate time to grow in the Catholic faith through practice and reception of the sacraments.

DiscussionFar from receiving the fullness of salvation, those who convert to Catholicism enter into a corrupt process of sacramental salvation. The importance of the pope, the priest, Mary, the saints, the seven sacraments, Tradition, indulgences, purgatory, and other superstitions hide the convert from the simplicity of faith in Christ (2 Cor. 11:3).

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