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Definition:   Sacred signs that impart spiritual benefits through the powerful intercession of the Church. Through the use of sacramentals the beneficial effects of the sacraments are more easily obtained. Sacramentals take various forms. Blessings (such as meals, persons, and objects) are a prime source of spiritual benefit. Making the sign of the cross is a sacramental (and also provides a partial indulgence). Other sacramentals include the veneration of relics, the Stations of the Cross, pilgrimages, the wearing of medals, the rosary, and religious processions.

Discussion: Sacramentals are religious superstitions that lead to self-deception and are of no real spiritual benefit (Col. 2:23). The Catholic system of salvation through the sacraments and popular piety denies the all-sufficient sacrifice of Jesus for our sins. The Catholic is called to a lifetime of religious attendance and performances to merit and cooperate in their salvation.

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