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Definition:   A piece of cloth suspended from the shoulders (latin, scapula) by two narrow segments, covering the breast and the back of the wearer. There are several promises that relate to the wearing of the scapular. First, Mary promises that no one who dies wearing the scapular will suffer the fires of hell. Second, anyone who piously wears the scapular will escape purgatory on the Saturday after their death. As a result of these promises, millions of Catholics have religiously worn the scapular under their clothing.

Discussion: This is a sad superstition foisted upon the Catholic faithful by Satan to blind them to the true gospel of salvation. The “Mary” who is making appearances and promises concerning rosaries, scapulars, and indulgences is not the Mary of the Bible. It is rather a deceiving spirit sent to promote the doctrines of demons (1 Tim. 4:1).

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