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Separated Brethren

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Definition:   A term used to describe baptized Christians who are not Catholic. Historically, the Catholic Church has held that no one can be saved apart from the Catholic Church. Protestants were deemed to be heretics who were not eligible for salvation. Beginning with Vatican II in the 1960’s, the Catholic Church softened its teaching by allowing that Protestants could be a mystical part of the Catholic Church, though in a deficient manner. The fullness of salvation is only found in the Roman Catholic Church to those who are in submission to the pope.

Discussion: As the saying goes, “Beware of Greeks bearing gifts”! For centuries, the papacy persecuted true Christians. But, the strategy of the papacy has changed in our ecumenical postmodern times. Today, truth is deemed to be relative and inclusivity is cherished. A message of exclusivity does not “play in Peoria” anymore, so the counterfeit Church has switched strategies.  In reality, the further a Christian is separated from the false teachings of Rome, the better!

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