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Definition:  An economic and social theory that all matters ought to be handled by the least centralized competent authority. Centralized authority should only come into play in a “subsidiary role,” in tasks that cannot be handled at the lower level. The papacy combines this doctrine with solidarity and the universal destination of goods – that private property must be subject to the more centralized authority for the good of society.

Discussion: I find it quite ironic that one of the most centralized organizations on earth gives lip service to subsidiarity. This doctrine is typical of Rome – say one thing and then immediately contradict it. For example, salvation is of grace, but must be merited. While “officially” teaching subsidiarity, the papacy truly seeks ultimate centralization. She desires a unified world government, with all moral authority proceeding from the papacy. The true economic teaching of Rome is socialism, the redistribution of goods, and the destruction of individual economic rights.

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